Monday, May 6, 2013


Here I go.......I've been toying with the idea of creating a blog of what I think is my own whacky wonderful blessed life and as I gave great thought to signing up for an Ironman, I thought what a better way to celebrate my journey with family and friends than this blog.  That was a few weeks ago but I couldn't start the blog until I had a title for this adventure.  I was inspired to name this blog after something my physical therapist mentioned to me when trying to convice me to do a half marathon rather than the full.  I had just gotten done doing Dallas 1/2 and was feeling real good about myself.  It was the best I have felt running in a while.  When I asked Heather her opinion on the distance and training for Nashville just 4 weeks later she suggested I do the half there as well.  Not something I wanted to hear.  She asked me when was the last time I had felt good with running and my injuries.  The answer was just over a year.  I dealt with hamstring and hip and knees troubles.  She went on to say that I just completed a chapter or two in my getting back to healthy running and it was up to me to write the next chapter or start all over.  I heeded her advice against my own stubburn wishes and had a real nice training 1/2 in Nashville.  After viewing my results Heather contacted me and let me know I can now begin Chapter 3.  So here I am.......writing Chapters.

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