Thursday, November 7, 2013

1463....It's real now.

Holy Sh*t!   just 23 days from now I will be jumping into the caribbean sea waiting for the cannon to go off with 3000 other people competing in IronMan Cozumel 2013.

Every day this thought of mine that I had 5 months ago of "Hmmmm what's next?"  becomes closer and closer to a reality.  This past week things really are starting to hit home.  In the last month, I've gone from totally confidant to scared shitless in a mere moment and visa versa depending on the time of the day.  Today I feel prepared.  I feel ready and I am ever growing in the faith that this will be completely incredible.  I feel good about where I am and my race execution.  Will I break any land speed records??  Never.....but then again that is not me.  Will I finish???  I betta.  I don't doubt my ability, my physical, mental or spiritual health.  I just don't know what I don't know.  Will I crash on the bike?  Will I not fuel properly and bonk?  Will my creaky knees hold up?  Will I suffer from the Mexican Flu??  These are the things that I have almost no control over.  And for that reason, I can't and wont worry about them.  All I can do is my best and carry on and enjoy every last minute of it.

Swim ~   I am currently swimming between 3500 and 4000 yards each training session in the pool. 2.4 miles or 3520 is the distance of the Ironman swim.  But it is in open water, with waves and fists and kicks and jellyfish.  This past week my coach had a training session in the pool where he put 4 people in my lane and then hopped in the pool himself.  He was grabbing my feet.  Ripped my goggles off of my face.  Pushing and pulling on me all wile I was trying to swim laps.  I laugh now when I type these words but I so truly appreciate him trying to recreate for me what I may expereince and to mentally prepare me for whatever may come my way.

Bike ~ Two weeks ago I rode a Century (100miles).  Last week my long ride was 4 hours (70 miles) This Saturday I will hit a Century again (actually I plan to hit 115 miles)  112 miles is what is needed to do in an IronMan.  So again another part of the race that I have tackled and feel pretty good with.  I like and believe that I have a decent game plan for riding.  Although I know I could and should be a much better (stronger) rider, I also understand that my missed training sessions due to the flood/storm and work have mostly taken its toll on my riding.

Running ~ This is the only component that I have had some experience before I started my journey of an IronMan 5+ months ago.  I have a few marathons under my belt in the last few years.  But I also know the pain I have felt in my knees on miles 20+.  Now I have to do the 26.2 miles after approx. 8 hours of swimming and biking.  This is probably the part I feel least confident in.  Not just because of my knees but if I don't fuel or hydrate correctly it will be on the run that it hits me.  Though I have been feeling pretty strong in my runs lately I have also only done a max of 2 hours.  I have signed up for the Las Vegas 1/2 marathong next weekend.  I am still debating if I should go to that or if it is not in my best of interests.

So those are my current thoughts of each component....but how are things starting to hit home?  Well obviously I signed up for the race months ago.  I booked my flights and hotel months ago but this week.... I scheduled a company to transport my bike, I have rented a set of race wheels and tonight I went on the website to tool around and see what's up.  And there I see it......

1463   Rosenthal, Marty   United States    45-49 Male

For all the world to see.  There is no backing out.  There is no hiding.  That's me......1463 and  I like it.

Will I finish in the day?  Will I finish at night?  Under 14 hours? Under 12 Hours?  I don't know.  I don't care.  I just know 1463 will finish.  I have to.  It's real now.


  1.'ve got this! I can't wait to track you on race day.

  2. Go 1463!!!!!! We are rooting for you all the way!!!!


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