Thursday, July 17, 2014

Searching for my Rinny

A quick pit stop from catching up on my 2nd Quarter Races and such to talk about love.....

Being a person who is new to the world of Tris, I have learned a little bit about some athletes and such in this new world for me.  Well, I coined the phrase in an earlier blog, I am in search of my Rinny.  For those not in the Tri world Miranda Carfrae (Rinny) is an Australian professional triathlete and the current Ironman triathlon world champion.  Tim O'Donnell is great American Triathlete and the lucky SOB who is engaged or maybe married now to Rinny.  Both reside full or part time in Boulder, Colorado.  Not like I really follow them I know bits and pieces.  But the image of Rinny setting the women's record at Kona and crossing the finish line and jumping in the arms of TO will forever be etched in my mind.

I saw pure joy and love and raw emotions and it was awesome.  I appreciated that she didn't hold back.  Not as a racer and not with her thoughts or feelings afterwards.

So why am I writing in my blog about Rinny and TO??

Today I was asked for the 20 Billionth time in my life...."I don't get why you are single."  How come your not married?"  I wish I knew the answer to that.  I never expected to be 47 and single.  I've been lucky to be in love and to care deeply for another and have experienced joy and bliss and sadness and shed many tears of laughter and sorrow for and with a select few ladies.  

Why there isn't there someone to roll over and kiss good morning to every day?  I don't now.  I know in my life, I don't believe in settling.  I know I look at my grandparents that were married for over 50 years and my folks who celebrated their 50th this past year.  When I walk down that aisle and say I do, till death do we part, that is what I expect and dream about and desire.  

I watch people treat marriage like a shirt they buy at Macy's and return it in a few weeks, days months or years if they don't like it or are tired with it or if it doesn't make them look good any more.  Where is the commitment and dedication and depth and respect and true love for one another?  But when someone asks me that question they usually don't want an in depth answer, I often wonder if they are thinking "I wonder what is wrong with this guy that he's in his 40's and never been married.  He must have some wacky shit going on."  

Nah, no wacky shit.  No issues to overcome.

Today my reply was simply a quote that I recently read and adapted......."One day someone will walk into my life and make me realize why it never worked out with anyone else and until that day, I will keep living my life in love for what's ahead and not in fear of what I may have missed out on."   

I don't think that person would have understood if I was to say, I was looking for my Rinny and experience what she showed that day in Kona.

I recently was talking with a friend who explained to me that there are two seasons in Boulder.  We were in her office and she was explaining about Tri / Training season vs. dating season.  This is new to me and we are obviously in Tri season at the moment.  As I left her office I mentioned that I look forward to that dating season.  Let's see what happens.  (Erin, I am holding you to those words :-)

It doesn't bother me that I am single as much as I think it bothers others.  I am truly blessed and live a wonderful love filled live.  And the bottom line is I am happy.  Isn't that what life should be all about?   May we all have the courage to keep on our path and stay true to ourselves no matter what society deems appropriate or the pressures that we may feel and may we all live our lives in the present and be happy and each find our own Rinny. 

How can you not just love this face???


  1. Marty ~ I appreciate how you put it all out there. Not an easy thing to do yet we all go through what you seem to have the courage to write about. Thanks for saying a lot of what many of us just think about.

    1. It's life and who we are right? Why be afraid?

  2. Love your writing Marty......keep it up!

  3. I know this feeling! I often think that my single status bothers my friends and family more than it bothers me. And THAT bugs me. But the Buddha quote is perfect; I also realized that as long as I believe there is something missing in myself or in my value, I'm not truly open to anyone else.

    It's a tough thing to talk about, but I guarantee you touched on something that many, many people can relate to, but can't really put into words for themselves.

    One thing I've noticed about this Ironman training though -- it's given me a huge appreciation for my strength and my capabilities, and that's really turning around the way I present myself to other people. Which is always a bonus ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

    1. You are very welcome and thanks for sharing your words as well.


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